PRIDE Academy

Hallsville P.R.I.D.E. Academy

Promoting Responsibility, Independence, Determination, and Excellence


Hallsville PRIDE Academy began enrolling students in the 2009-2010 school year with the primary purpose of providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can create and achieve success. The goal for every student enrolled in PRIDE academy is to successfully earn a high school diploma. To accomplish our goals, students are enrolled in a variety of learning opportunities as determined by their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Students can complete their graduation requirements either by competency based credits or the MO-Option Program as determined by their ILP.

Academy Advisory Board

Advisory Board members will consist of the academy staff, high school administration, high school counselors, central office administration, a school board member, and a community member. The purpose of the advisory board will be to guide the vision of the PRIDE academy and ensure the alternative education program is meeting expectations.

Application Process

  • For students to be considered for PRIDE Academy, they must first be referred to an Intervention Determination (ID) Team for discussion.

  • The ID Team makes a determination if a referral for PRIDE admission is appropriate for the student and documents the comments and concerns relevant to the decision.

  • A meeting is held with the student, the parents, the academy teacher, the counselors, and the administrators to discuss the referral to PRIDE academy and the student’s level of commitment to joining.

  • If the student and parent agree to the placement, the ID team will meet to develop the student’s Individual Learning Plan.

    • Listing out the specific classes a student needs to complete by competency based credits and/or traditional course at the HS.

    • Determining if MO-Option program should be utilized.

  • The student and parents will be provided a Plan of Action outlining the specific courses, graduation requirements, and Academy expectations.


Program Structure

Competency Based Credits

  • Courses developed and approved by the traditional classroom teacher and delivered by online software programs.

  • Students will be allowed to accelerate their pace of learning based on achievement of course concepts.

Traditional Classroom Instruction

  • Hallsville High School classes can be utilized when the ID team deems them necessary or relevant to the student’s educational needs.

  • Attending the career center is a possibility for students who meet the requirements.

The Missouri Option Program

  • Permits full-time, public school enrolled students who are at least 17 years of age and at risk of dropping out or not graduating with their cohort group the opportunity to earn a standard high school diploma.

  • Participation in the MO-Option program is voluntary, but students and a parent/guardian must sign a consent form.

  • The program utilizes a high school equivalency exam as content mastery for graduation purposes.

  • The exam sanctioned by the state for the Missouri Option program is the HiSET®test.

  • Missouri Option students successfully passing the exam and completing all other program requirements are eligible to receive a high school diploma and participate in our high school graduation ceremony.

  • The MO-Option program does not circumvent compulsory attendance regulations or facilitate an early exit from high school.

P.R.I.D.E. Handbook

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